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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have postponed all in-person events.

However, we have been holding a variety of virtual meetings to keep our members informed and engaged!

These meetings are for members-only. If you are interested in becoming a member and attending our events, please contact us today.

For your reference, below is a list of some of the in-person meetings we have held in the past. We look forward to having the opportunity to host in-person meetings in the future again, once the pandemic is over!

Past Events

    • 11/11/2021: Webinar: The OSHA ETS: Preparing For Or Unpacking Your Obligations: Featured guest speakers from the law firm of Jackson Lewis
    • 10/26/2021: Webinar: The Resilient HR Leader: Featured a presentation by Clint Tripodi of Risk Strategiese
    • 9/15/2021: Get-Together at PERKS Convention Boston
    • 4/21/2021: Webinar: Community, Culture & Connection During COVID: What Worked, What Didn’t & Moving Forward: Presentations and panel discussions featuring HR BioTech Connect members
    • 4/12/20021: Webinar: The Future of Work: Presentations and panel discussions featuring HR BioTech Connect members
    • 4/6/2021: Webinar: Can Employers Mandate Vaccinations for Their Employees (If So, Should They)?: Presentation delivered by the law firm of Jackson Lewis
    • 11/16/2020: Webinar: Is Unconscious Bias Holding Biotech Back?
    • 9/11/2019: Presented by Radford: Cambridge, MA: Representatives from Radford delivered insights on a number of key topics that impact public biotech companies, including hot jobs and new strategies for attracting and retaining employees, the evolution of Equity Practices, trends in executive pay, and responding to the Massachusetts Pay Equity Law.
    • 8/7/2019: HR Roundtable: Cambridge, MA: Members gathered to discuss and share insights on a number of key HR-related topics
    • 9/28/2018: HR as a Strategic Driver: Enabling the Next Phase of Your Organizations’ Growth
    • 5/31/2018: The Scientific Leaders of Tomorrow — Start Empowering Them Today (Featured presentations and commentary from speakers from the Broad Institue, Blueprint Medicines, Boston Biomedical Innovation Center, and more)
    • 4/26/2017: Total Rewards and Talent Management (Multiple presentations were delivered by speakers from Radford; included a panel of multiple HR BioTech Connect members)
    • 11/16/2016: HR Trends: Employee Retention Challenges, Compensation Benchmarking, and More (Multiple presentations were delivered by speakers from Sanofi Genzyme, Mercer, and The Boda Group)
    • 9/21/2016: HR Compliance Update (Presented by Hirsch Roberts Weinstein) and Workplace Influence Skills and Strategies (Presented by Matt Mirisola)
    • 6/16/2016: Navigating Employee Rewards Strategies in a Volatile Market (Presented by Radford)
    • 5/4/2016: Hiring is not the problem – Attraction is (Presented by Ed Nathanson of Red Pill Talent)
    • 3/9/2016: Creating Conflict-Friendly Cultures: Appreciate Conflict & Straight Talk (Presented by Matt Mirisola)
    • 10/22/2015: Preparing for What’s Next – Lessons Learned and Strategies to Follow As Your Company Grows
    • 6/3/2015: Insight and Tools to Meet Your Compensation Benchmarking Needs (Presented by Mercer)
    • 5/6/2015: HR Compliance Update: Understanding and Meeting Your Requirements (Affordable Care Act, Massachusetts Sick Leave Law, Massachusetts Parental Leave Law, and more)

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If you are interested in speaking at or attending an upcoming event, please contact Jeanne Nicholson.

Member Testimonials

“HR BioTech Connect provides a very interactive, collaborative learning and networking environment for HR professionals in the life sciences. There is a very open and candid dialogue which allows you to understand how other HR leaders in biotech/pharma are handling challenges in their organization and what trends they are seeing in the industry. I’ve found the speakers and topics discussed to be very engaging and I’ve been able to apply things I have learned at these meetings into my daily work product. Overall, this is a very different and productive working group than other networking groups or industry trade association resources out there. I highly recommend any life science HR professional to actively participate in this group and be ready to learn new ideas, approaches and strategies each time you attend.”

– Bradley Hartman


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