Event Recap: September 2013: Insights into Personal Effectiveness


September 19th, 2013: Insights into Personal Effectiveness

Maura Snow, Senior Consultant, Human Resources at Great Brook Biotech delivered a presentation at the September 2013 HR BioTech Connecet meeting that was unique, lively, and insightful for all attendees.

Presentation Description:
“Insights into Personal Effectiveness” will enable participants to recognize how their key constituents perceive them and the work they are doing. Participants will understand how their own behavioral tendencies and preferences are perceived in the workplace. Participants will learn to make any needed adaptations to increase the effectiveness of their communication and leadership efforts. In addition to a better understanding of how others perceive them, participants will learn to comprehend the preferred communication and interactive styles of others by understanding behavioral cues.

This workshop introduced attendees to the Insights Discovery System and the Insights common language for communication and interaction. All participants received their own unique Insights Discovery Personal Profile, (a $200 value at no charge to guests of this program) which focused on providing practical strategies to help increase the effectiveness of individuals and teams.

Attendee Takeaways

The major learning outcomes from this event for attendees included:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, their natural tendencies and preferences, how others perceive them, areas of strength and possible areas for development.
  • Understanding and relating more effectively with others, recognizing other’s behavioral styles, learning about other’s decision-making needs and preferences.
  • Learning to adapt behavior to connect powerfully with others, developing usable interpersonal strategies to connect and deal with different or difficult people, customers or colleagues.

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