Event Recap: April 2013 – Key Issues Impacting HR


On April 18th, 2013, the HR BioTech Connect group gathered in Lexington, Massachusetts for a roundtable-style meeting.

Mick Verran of the ArnzenGroup served as the lead facilitator.

Throughout the two-hour event, all attendees had the chance to share and engage in lively discussions regarding many of the key challenges that are faced by Human Resource (HR) departments today.

Some of the main topics that were discussed included:

  • Employee Development: Resources and best practices for helping employees to learn, grow, and achieve their goals
  • Senior Leadership: Ideas for ensuring that the entire management team is aligned and working closely together
  • How to Incent High-Performing Individuals
  • Relocation Policies
  • Healthcare Plan Options: Discussions centered around high-deductible plans including HSAs and HRAs
  • Metrics: What are the key items that HR should be presenting to the management team? And how should they be presented?
  • Company Culture: Strategies and tactics for for improving a company\’s culture

Throughout the meeting, a number of great ideas, tools, and solutions were brought to the forefront by various HR BioTech Connect members.

For a list of these resources, please contact Jeanne Nicholson.

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