BioTech Journey through the Phases of Commercializing a Product



On January 24th, 2013, the HR BioTech Connect group held our monthly meeting at Joule in Bedford, MA. We were treated to an excellent presentation from Breck Arnzen of the ArnzenGroup and Susan Nemetz of The NemetzGroup.

Their topic was \”Biotech Journey Through the Phases of Commercializing a Product.\”

During the presentation, attendees had the chance to learn items such as

  • Industry trends impacting biotech companies
  • Challenges and obstacles facing leadership teams with actual observations
  • Strategies to move successfully along the clinical and commercial development continuum
  • Organizational alignment approaches to facilitate effective governance
  • And more!

Download Presentation Slides

Would you like to receive a copy of the slides from this presentation? Please contact Jeanne Nicholson via email or by phone at 781-759-1222, ext. 230.

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